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Zepter tools to make your cookery easier, fun and practical – because Zepter loves cooking!

With more than 30 years of experience in producing and selling high quality cookware and kitchen accessories, we have become experts in making cooking healthy, easy and fun. Start discovering the secrets of your kitchen with our new line of kitchen accessories – start exploring the Zepter way of cooking!

Zepter Finger Guard
Code: LZ-850
Wire Whisk
Code: TZ-003
Soup Ladle
Code: TZ-001
Basting Spoon
Code: TZ-303
Spaghetti Spoon
Code: TZ-306
Code: TZ-301
Sauce Ladle
Code: TZ-302
Code: TZ-004
Hanging Rail
Code: TZ-008-08
Cutting Board
Code: KCB-001
Kitchen Knives Set, 4 pieces
Code: LZ-115-SET
Kitchen Knives Set, 2 pieces
Code: LZ-112-SET
Zepter Oven Mitt
Code: TZ-600
Serving Tongs
Code: LX-132
Bread and Pastry Tongs
Code: LX-133
Spaghetti Tongs
Code: LX-134
Asparagus Tongs
Code: LX-135
Bottle & Can Opener
Code: LX-257
Universal Grater
Code: LX-260
Cake Pan (deep)
Code: LX-332
Cake Pan
Codes: LX-333 / LX-334
Pizza Pan
Codes: LX-335 / LX-336
Lasagna Baking Dish
Code: LX-443
Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Code: LX-445
Grill Set
Code: LZ-103-KW.
Steak Set
Code: LZ-650-ES
Slotted Spatula
Code: TZ-002
Bottle Opener
Code: TZ-005
Can Opener
Code: TZ-102
Wire Whisk
Code: TZ-202
Tea Strainer
Code: TZ-204
Pizza Cutter
Code: TZ-505